There are two weapon categories in Zirthian:
  • Main Weapon has lower damage and none or a very small recharge time
  • Special Weapon is much more powerful but also has a longer recharge time.
Depending on your play style, you can mix and match different weapons under each category. Do you like fast action? Equip a rapid-fire Laser and perhaps a Gamma Ray to use when times are tough. Do you prefer to patiently wait for your target and deliver sure death? A Neutron Gun combined with a Seeker Missile will do the trick! Or perhaps you like something in between - the choice is yours.

Weapon controls

Your main weapon is discharged by tapping the Shoot button.

Your special weapon is triggered by holding your finger down on the Shoot button for about a second and then releasing it.

Main Weapons


An efficient killer

Damage: 1
Speed: Fast
Recharge time: Instant

Neutron gun

Spread the ruin

Damage: 2
Speed: Normal
Recharge time: 1 second

Special Weapons

Gamma ray

A stream of death

Damage: 10
Speed: Fast
Recharge time: 60 seconds

Seeker missile

Kills on sight

Damage: 5
Speed: Normal
Recharge time: 10 seconds

Weapon skins

Each weapon has 10 unique skins that can be equipped in the Workshop.