Weapons Test (Build 0.6)

Following a couple of months of coding, drawing and sound engineering, Build 0.6 is COMING OUT IN SEP 2020! The Weapons Test build lets you experience all the enemies, weapons, power-ups and explosive combat that Zirthian 1.0 will offer, featuring most of the beautiful final game graphics and sound effects. Improve your flight and combat skills and earn the in-game currency "Z's" to buy weapons and skins in the Workshop.

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An upgrade from Build 0.5, Weapons Test features the following:
  • Skill tracking: Improve your score in Kill Count, Sharpshooting, Distance Traveled and Money Earned
  • In-game currency: Earn Z's to buy weapons in the workshop
  • Six types of enemy with different behaviours and weapons - survive hostile lasers, missiles and stuns, getting surrounded by robot swarms and being rammed into. Read more about the Cublet, Seeker, Tribot, Ram, Shark and Predator.
  • Four types of weapon with ten skins each: Use lasers, neutron guns, gamma ray and seeker missiles - all customizable in the workshop!
  • Five types of power-ups: Double missiles, Double Z's, Invulnerability, Instant special weapon recharge, Instant shield recharge
  • Endless, procedurally generated, hand-drawn levels with easy and hard difficulty
  • Revamped, hand-drawn user interface
  • Very much improved spaceship control system

Weapons and Workshop

Workshop is where you can spend your hard-earned Z's. You can have two weapons equipped at any one time: Your Main Weapon has no or a very small recharge time and can be shot by tapping the Shoot button. Your Special Weapon is much more powerful but also has a longer recharge time. It is triggered by holding your finger down on the Shoot button for about a second and then releasing it.

Choose from a variety of weapons and skins to match your style:
  • Laser is a Main Weapon for those who prefer to shoot rapidly
  • Neutron gun is a Main Weapon that does more damage but can only be shot once per second
  • Gamma ray is a Special weapon that obliterates everything in a line
  • Seeker missile is a Special Weapon that destroys the target closest to your ship

New interface and control system

Based on the feedback we received for Build 0.5, the control system in 0.6 received some improvements.

You still control the up and down motion of your spaceship by moving your finger up and down. However, you now tilt your device right and left to speed up and slow down.

What's next?

Zirthian 1.0 will be released into the App Stores around the world with the following additional features and more:
  • Weekly missions that always give you new existing reasons to play
  • Lots of skins to unlock for your spaceship
  • A tutorial for first-time players
  • Richer environments through multiple parallax layers and a dynamic lighting system
  • Improved user interface graphics and sounds
  • Music to go with all the action
  • Settings for left / right handed controls, controls sensitivity and sound