Welcome to Zirthian!

Zirthian is a shoot-'em-up arcade-style side-scroller with unique game play, weekly missions, beautifully low-bit hand-drawn graphics and lots of customizations that affect your combat experience and give your spaceship a unique look.
  • Earn in-game cash for completing a large variety of weekly missions
  • Equip lasers, gamma rays, seeker missiles and other weapons - each has a unique combat feel and changes the look of your spaceship
  • Keep track of how you improve your flying and combat skills
  • Indulge in beautifully low-bit hand-drawn graphics and amazing retro-style sound effects
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The current build: Weapons Test (0.6) - COMING OUT IN SEP 2020

Featuring most of the final game graphics, sound effects and functionality, the Weapons Test build lets early testers experience all the enemies, weapons, power-ups and explosive combat that Zirthian 1.0 will offer. Skills and Economics are also in place, letting you earn in-game currency, "Z's", to buy weapons and skins in the Workshop.

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New features:
  • Skill tracking: Improve your score in Kill Count, Sharpshooting, Distance Traveled and Money Earned
  • In-game currency: Earn Z's to buy weapons in the workshop
  • Six types of enemy with different behaviours and weapons - survive hostile lasers, missiles and stuns, getting surrounded by robot swarms and being rammed into
  • Four types of weapon with ten skins each: Use lasers, neutron guns, gamma ray and seeker missiles - all customizable in the workshop!
  • Five types of power-ups: Double missiles, Double Z's, Invulnerability, Instant special weapon recharge, Instant shield recharge
  • Endless, procedurally generated, hand-drawn levels with easy and hard difficulty
  • Revamped, hand-drawn user interface
  • Very much improved spaceship control system
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