Welcome to Zirthian!

Zirthian is a shoot-'em-up arcade-style side-scroller with cool mechanics such as procedurally generated world, lots of different weapons and defensive abilities and enemies that have life-like behaviours like charging at you at hight speed, shielding each other, etc.

As the game story progresses, your character gets away from a close-minded society of their home planet, Zirth, conquers his/her own demons and becomes a part of an inter-galactic society that helps aliens in need. For me, this is as much a software project as it is an art project - I am writing the story, drawing all the graphics by hand and I'm making some sound effects and music too.

The current build: Alpha 0.5

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The Build features the following:
  • Two types of enemy with different behaviours - one enemy hovers over the same spot while another launches directly at you.
  • Two types of weapon: Use lasers for rapid fire and gamma ray to turn everything in your path to dust
  • The player has shields that disappear by taking damage. Having no shields means instant death upon the next hit.
  • A defensive Renew Shields ability that gives you more shields
  • A double missile power-up: Pick it up to become even more dangerous!
  • Explosions: Watch enemy ships blow up and their pilots fall frantically to their death
  • A procedurally - generated world: Terrain, enemies, power-ups - nothing stays the same as you replay a level
  • Checkpoint system: Once you clear a check point, you can choose to re-spawn from it after you die
  • A setting for easy and hard difficulty
  • Cool arcade-style sounds
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